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Just a little hello to get things rolling.

This blog will deal primarily with all things pertaining to Enhancement Shaman in World of Warcraft. If you’re Resto or Elemental, and find yourself off-speccing Enhancement for grinding or leveling in the new expansion, you might find some useful information here. Likewise, if you’re a raid leader or GM looking to round out your roster with an Enhancement Shaman, or looking to evaluate your Shaman’s role in your raids, I hope there will be something here for you too.

But most of all, this blog will be about the Enhancement experience in WotLK — everything from leveling, to gearing, group roles and (eventually) end-game raiding.

Why Enhancement?

When I was a clueless noob, doing frequent graveyard dashes from the Barrens to Wailing Caverns and throwing Frost Shocks to inadvertently rip hate off the tank, a smart Hunter named Gilly offered me some advice: Aside from teaching me the basics of aggro (WoW was my first MMO), he suggested the Enhancement spec. In Gilly’s words, “I’ve seen some Enhancement Shamans do MASSIVE damage.”

A couple months later, I found myself at level 70, gearing up through heroics and about to enter my first raid. Since then, I’ve taken my young Tauren Shaman through Karazhan, Zul’Aman, Serpentshrine Cavern, most of Tempest Keep (never did get Kael down, pre-nerf), about half of Hyjal and the first couple of boss encounters in Black Temple. A bleeding-edge raider, I am not. But I think I’ve managed to strike a good balance between casual and hardcore, between solo play and high-end raiding. Like a lot of other people who enjoy this game, I found myself at the brink of burn-out after several months as a loyal member of a “serious” raid guild, and my hiatus from late summer through fall has come to a close with Wrath of a Lich King.

So here we are, moving forward, with a whole new continent to explore, new dungeons to adventure in, and new promises of epic gear and unique encounters at end-game. To Northrend!


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