No, not more QQ about the totem system or buff homogenization — just excitement that we might finally see a solid PvE relic for Enhancement. The EoE-bought totem is widely considered to be a glorified version of the old Totem of the Astral Winds from TBC, and the Totem of Dueling draws a collective “meh” from melee shamans.

In fact, if you take the time to click on the Armory pages of most Enhancement players who post on the forums, most of the time you’ll see they’re still rocking Stonebreaker’s Totem, a level 70, iLevel 128 relic that was first introduced in patch 2.3 for 20 Badges of Justice.

Blizzard has to know they screwed up here. Aside from the questionable returns from the available totems, it’s heavily speculated — based on tests and simulations — that the Totem of Spintering, already disdained by the players, doesn’t actually provide the meager AP boost it claims in the tooltip. So one can hope the development team means to make it up to players with something awesome.

Maybe this?

Since the tooltip is identical to Totem of Dueling, we know Blizzard is just using the on-equip bonus as a placeholder. Which leaves tantalizing possibilities, the best of all involving a scaling attack power or crit bonus. Hint hint, GC.

Of course, the title could be a hint that this unfinished relic belongs to Elemental Shamans, with their fancy Lava Bursts, and in that case it’s a lot of speculating for nothing. But we can hope!


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