MMO-Champion’s got a preview of the new Season 6 arena gear, sans Druid:


As a general rule, armor looks approximately 300% more badass on a Tauren compared to a human male. Thankfully Blizzard never forced Human Shamans on us, but if the new armor set looks lackluster, we can still look forward to seeing these models on Horde races before making a complete evaluation.

Also on MMO-Champion is a thread where posters are exchanging ideas on possible 3.1 Enhancement builds. As suspected, the side-benefit to the new Improved Stormstrike is more a result of the overall-nerfed mana regen than any fine-tuning that might be aimed specifically at Enhancement. Poster Hexaholic confirms this:

After raiding and downing several bosses on the PTR, I will be taking Imp SS.  With the mana regen changes and what not going down, I noticed that I was seeing issues with mana in the longer fights.

Looks like Shamanistic Rage is no longer going to cut it, narrowing choices for those who were considering moving talent points elsewhere.


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