We’re behind the curve, we’re not leet, we’re scrubs, blah blah blah. You could say about a guild that hasn’t gotten Sartharion plus a drake down until March. But a couple things make me proud: 1) This is only the second night we’ve attempted it, the first consisting of two wipes before people had to go, and 2) We did it with only 22 people.

My guild’s not hardcore. Most of our 25-man raids are more like 20-man raids, because we have trouble filling all 25 spots on any given night. We’ve got a nice little core of raiders, but we simply can’t do 25-mans without bringing along whoever we can — including people in quest blues who log on maybe two or three times a week.

So tonight it felt good to zone into OS and take down Sarth and Tenebron on our second attempt. When all was said and done, 19 players were still standing when Sartharion fell, and /cheers were abundant.

Next week: Two drakes. We might have 22 people or fewer, but we’ll still give it a shot and have fun doing it. And I’m sure with enough persistence and solid leadership, we’ll be moving on to three drakes before Ulduar drops.


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