This thread over on the official forums is getting more than a few good replies from Enhancement players who are sticking it out in PvP.

Windtotem, who’s on the Arena Tournament realm, has some impressive numbers: more than 3k AP and more than 30% crit in full PvP gear. Here’s what he had to say in response to the OP’s questions about stats and itemization:

The big thing i learned in the arena tournament was agility is worth over twice as much as AP. That chance to dodge and Armor is a life saver and you really don’t sacrifice that much AP for it. Plus you make up most of the damage lose from the extra melee crit you get from the agi. I think got more than an additional 5% to dodge from agi, tack on the 3% from anticipation and that’s over 8%. Then all the extra armor mitigation from agi and altogether you are mitigating about 10% of all melee damage. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

He’s got points in both Toughness and Anticipation, as well as Earthen Power. Surprisingly, he’s also got maxed Unleashed Rage. I’m sure Windtotem — and players with similar builds — will be happy to have two extra talent points to play with once UR’s brought down from a total of five talent points to three. Many will be putting those points into Frozen Power in a bid to free themselves from the chains of RNG.

And in case you were thinking of trying out those 3.1 changes in PvE gear, Taterzz of Alter of Storms warns against it. While other classes may have the luxury of getting by with high-damage, zero-resilience PvE items equipped in some slots, Shamans don’t have that luxury: You WILL get focused, especially in 2s, you can count on that.”


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