Tier 10 Four-Piece Bonus: On Second Thought…

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Patch 3.3, Shaman, Theorycrafting, Tier 10, World of Warcraft, WotLK Raids, Wrath of the Lich King
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I took another look at my Tier 10 Enhancement Shaman set bonus preview post and realized I may have been underselling the four-piece bonus. A second look at the roughly one-in-seven chance proc shows some enormous potential for stacking absurd amounts of Attack Power.

Sure, it’s pure RNG, and like trinkets that have “equip” instead of “use” effects, it only lasts for a short 10 seconds. But this is all about burst damage, and it’s scary to think what the Tier 10 four-set proc can do in combination with our other procs.

We be gettin crazy amounts of AP from dis proc, mon.

We be gettin' crazy amounts of AP from dis proc, mon.

A well-geared shaman can easily hit 6k Attack Power while raid-buffed. With Unleashed Rage, that brings it up to 6,600. If the four-piece set bonus procs, that shaman is suddenly up to 7920 Attack Power. If the stars align, that shaman might have a double Berserker proc. Now he’s up to 8720 Attack Power. Toss in the proc from Totem of the Quaking Earth, and the shaman tops out at 9120 Attack Power.

Now, toss in Bloodlust, an offensive spell crit to trigger Elemental Devestation, and the 12% increased damage from the new Shamanistic Rage, and we’re looking at potentially ridiculous burst DPS in patch 3.3.

I’d be stupid to sneeze at that.

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