Thanks to MMO-Champion for datamining the Shaman Tier 10 set today. As many readers of this blog know, it’s been a long wait — from the first incremental previews of a few Tier 10 sets, to the near-complete galleries of recent days that showed every Tier 10 set except Shaman — and now we finally get to see our Patch 3.3 Tier set, albeit on a Human male model.

(As several of the comments on MMO-Champion note, “WTB previews on an Orc, Troll or Tauren model!”)


Shaman Tier 10 set courtesy of MMO-Champion

This was certainly unexpected, as earlier in the day MMO-Champion had a Tier set recap with everything but the Shaman set.

I’m not quite sure what to think of the new set yet. I’m pretty sure this set — like the others — will look significantly more bad-ass on a Tauren or Orc than it does on the thinner Human model used for the previews. There’s just something about the way shoulder pieces sit on those hulking models that makes them look more intimidating.

Second, the image gives us just an inkling of what the in-game animations might look like — will they simply be a blue glow, or will we see trails of blue-ish smoke similar to the effect seen on Pauldrons of the Devourer? One thing’s for sure — this is a departure from the mainly red-themed sets of recent Tiers that seemed so appropriate to Horde shaman.

Although the set seems to have been met with an enthusiastic reception on MMO-Champion, I’ll reserve my own judgment until I see the models in full, animated 3D.


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