Ah, patch night. In our rush to experience the new content, most of us probably neglected to consider every toon that hasn’t been logged on in three months — and their mothers — will be online tonight, hoping to try out the new dungeons and raid.

It’s shades of Magister’s Terrace and Sunwell, compounded by the fact that the Forge of Souls serves as an artificial bottleneck — you have to complete Forge — and its associated quest — before moving on to the next dungeon in the Frozen Halls.

And so it creates situations like this:

I’m going on about 40 minutes here trying to zone in — stepping through the portal, waiting on a five-minute loading screen, then finding myself spit back out on the other side.

Not fun.

I wonder what kind of discussions went on during Blizzard’s Patch 3.3 development meetings? They would have definitely anticipated this, but I wonder to what degree. Are there more servers handling the instance load for places like Forge of Souls? I’d hope so.

Someone had to anticipate this bottleneck — it’s not particularly good design to create a game-imposed bottleneck like this for such a highly-anticipated patch.

In the meantime, I’m going to try again. Wish me luck.

  1. […] Of course, for a very large group of players, inventing free time was not an option, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw guildies and group members log off in frustration after varying amounts of time seeing nothing but “Instance not found” and “Additional instances cannot be launched.“ […]

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