“Certain types” of AoE are destroying Shaman totems thanks to a bug in Patch 3.3, and thankfully Ghostcrawler’s already acknowledged the problem. He says Blizzard’s coders are “deploying a hotfix soon” to fix it.

I’m glad this issue was raised quickly, and I’m glad that despite the larger problems in Patch 3.3, GC himself jumped on the totem problem and communicated with the playerbase. Although this effects all three specs, Enhancement can be particularly hard-hit because of melee-only splash AoE damage.

Here’s Ghostcrawler’s official statement:

There is a bug where certain kinds of AE can clobber totems. Specifically anything with a chain effect which includes say Cleave and obvious things like Chain Lightning and that spiffy Shadow Bolt in the Icecrown 5-player dungeon do too much damage to totems. Actual AE effects like Whirlwind are not affected by the bug.

We are deploying a hotfix soon to fix this.


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