In my guild, one guy got a Battered Hilt on patch night, and that’s been it. No more hilts for anyone so far, and most of us (me included) have never actually seen one drop.

As I wrote earlier in the week, my group called it on patch night after we’d spent almost an hour zoning in to Forge of Souls, another 20 minutes or so zoning into Pit of Saron, and even more time trying to zone in to Halls of Reflection. So I ran two dungeons and logged off because there simply wasn’t time to do a third, especially if it was going to take us up to an hour just to get in.

Apparently Blizzard slipped in a hotfix sometime after patch night that significantly nerfed drop rates for the Battered Hilt.

There are reports of Hilts dropping like soap in prison showers, netting great weapons for the folks who had inordinate amounts of free time on patch night. I’ve even heard — from some reliable sources — reports of patch-night runs that saw two or three Hilts drop per run.

We’re five days into Patch 3.3, and I’ve run the new five-mans a total of 12 times, so I’m probably on the extreme low-end compared to some players. Maybe the fact that I haven’t seen one drop is attributable to that.



But in quite a few QQ threads on this issue, players are saying they expect to see one Hilt drop per week. With a one-in-five chance of winning the role, that means it could take as many as five weeks to get a Hilt. Ouch.

The hotfix seems to have pissed off quite a few players. As one Paladin on the official forums puts it:

What bugs me is all the people that took advantage of this benefit while I was sitting outside the instance trying to get in and failing. And now I get the decreased chance of getting it. Blizzard screwed up and now they should keep the drop rate the same instead of making those that didn’t take advantage of Blizz’s screw up suffer.

But not to worry — Patch 3.3 just continues the fine tradition of rewarding people who have inhuman amounts of free time. So whether you’ve got the time to run four versions of a single raid each week, or dedicate a six-hour block to running five-mans on patch night, rest assured the rewards will be sweet!

  1. Rakhman says:

    Yep yep, “rewarding people who have inhuman amounts of free time” is what MMOs do best unfortunately. I’m trying not to kick myself that I didn’t do the new heroics on patch day because I was waiting to run it with friends the next day… post nerf… doh.

    Why today on our guild forums the plan of “grinding Ashen Verdict rep” for the rings was revealed, where those with nothing else to do are in the ICC raid killing trash. I remember back in the Kara days we just waited for the rep as we cleared the place and though the ring upgrades were a nice bonus.

    Oh well I guess those who got the hilt first day should count their lucky stars and us rest will have to either grind for it, or consider it a bonus if we get one.

    I have high hopes for our guild being able to do the Gunship and snag a Frost Giant’s Cleaver instead.

  2. stormstrike says:

    Hey Rakhman,

    Too true.

    I’m seeing a ton of Ashen Verdict rep farming groups on my server, too. While I can’t blame them (those rings are insanely good), my guild is actively working its way through ICC, so I figure I’ll just get the rep the normal way.

    That Frost Giant’s Cleaver looks great, but man…why are they slapping ArP on our 2.6-speed weapons now?

    The devs have said they’ve heard the Enh Shaman complaints about the ubiquity of ArP on mail gear, so it seems like insult-to-injury to add that stat to our weapons.

    The awesome thing about the Quel’dalar weapon is that it’s got Haste — a stat that’s become harder and harder to get on our gear these last two raid tiers.

    One thing’s for sure — I can’t wait until ArP goes the way of the dinosaur in Cataclysm.

  3. Jheherrin says:

    Had 3 drop in our first run of ICC 5-mans and not seen one since.
    Like a fool, I didn’t see that it was BoE and so used it for a minor upgrade on my Enhancement Shammy (was using 245 Stormpike Cleaver and 245 Grinder) rather than sending it to my DW DK tank, for which it would have been a huge upgrade 😦
    What makes it even worse is that I have had a Frost Giant Cleaver drop for my shammy as well now, so the Cudgel of Furious Justice wont last much longer.

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