Who will benefit most from Cataclysm’s revamped Stamina system? Some say casters will dominate, others say healers stand to gain the most, but one poster put it best: “Anyone who’s not a Warrior, DK or Paladin.”

In other words, if your class doesn’t wear plate, you’ll see a marked improvement in Stamina balance. And that includes Enhancement Shamans.

Enhancement Shaman Stamina: Improved in Cataclysm?

Stamina Man runs, like Enhancement Shamans do when they see splash damage!

It’s still early, and many questions remain about the overall statistical rehaul, but Eyonix offered the most comprehensive information to date when he detailed the changes back in March.

And while Eyonix was quick to point out special considerations will be made for Balance Druids and Elemental Shamans, who often share gear with healers, curiously absent was any mention of Enhancement’s unique situation: It is the only melee spec in the game forced to share gear with a ranged class.

Along with Enhancement’s other itemization woes — which typically involve using gear made-to-order for Hunters — the melee-spec-with-ranged-gear problem has been a big one in this expansion. Every semi-serious Enhancement player has dealt with it: Some boss abilities, especially in heroic modes, can one-shot Enhancement Shamans, while leaving other melee still standing. This is a particularly frustrating issue for players because it has nothing to do with the much-discussed “skill” involved in raiding.

It’s simple math: If you have 30k raid-buffed HP, and the other melee have 10k more than you, you are going to die more easily and more frequently.

Not only does that effect player perception (a death is a death, and players of other classes aren’t thinking about our criminally low HP pools), it also creates some absurd situations: In my guild, there are ranged classes and healers who have higher unbuffed HP than my Tauren Shaman.

Blizzard hasn’t addressed those concerns in Wrath of the Lich King, let alone Cataclysm. It seems unfathomable that an entire expansion can pass by with such a glaring imbalance left intact, but it’s less surprising when you consider the dev team’s track record when it comes things like this — it’s been obvious for a very long time that class designers do not play the Enhancement spec.

So while there will be a complete rehaul of the stat system and Stamina balance in Cataclysm, there’s been nothing to suggest Enhancement won’t again share gear with Hunters. If that remains the case — and we should assume it will — what does that mean for Enhancement’s health pool relative to other melee classes? Will our joy at a more balanced Stamina system be tempered with disappointment because we’re, once again, limited by stat weights optimized for Hunters?

Stomstrike — and Enhancement players — will be watching Blizzard closely in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Jackwraith says:

    Except that, given the fact that Hunters are shifting to a focus system that has nothing to do with INT (no talent improvement, no need for larger mana pool), it’s pretty likely that the gear will be diversified for the two classes. In fact, I remember GC stating just that on the WoW forum. Of course, they still didn’t say anything about a) enhancement mobility or b) enhancement survivability…

  2. Warsun99 says:

    But look at all the blue post blizzard put on the shaman forums. I mean they care a lot! They have read all your post and have replied to almost all of them in a fully detailed manner! I mean i see 1 post on The any of the class forums talking about stupid buffs and i dont see them increasing there damage at all.

    I mean Warriors,Druids,rogues,Hunters,mages and Warlocks will be way weaker than Enhancemeht shaman. How dare you talk bad about …. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! yeah im jerking your chain. Cataclysm is literally The last Airbender movie. Dont go by it. its complete crap. If you are a PvP. Dont buy it. If you are a raider. Dont buy it. If your a person who likes being in guilds. You wont be in one. Dont buy it. If you like leveling your shaman. You wont do it past 40. Dont buy it.

    This is coming from a Beta Tester of Cataclysm. Your damage is crap. You have no defenses.Blizzard in Blizzcon said to one shaman player. How to tank is by taking the damage from spell damage. Which in no way is an answer. they have no intention of giving shaman tanking abilties. So you cannot prevent a 42K hit from a Warrior every 2 seconds from killing you. {Recommendation} Sell your account and never go back. Because if you by that expansion your an idiot. You are a fanboy and blizzard will rape. You have had no communication with blizzard. None.

    People on live are already getting kicked out of there guild because they wont reroll.Thats it. Quit the game. Play something else in your free time. Blizzard hates you and want you to die. They want you out of there game so they can play there Warlocks Hunters Druids Warriors Priest and Mages. You are not welcomes. An playing the shaman from level 1 you will feel exactlly that! NOT WELCOMED! An if blizzard is listening. Fire all your staff. They are forcing your customers away. Thats like stealing your money. Same thing really.

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